Rejections fields

The inspectors of the green management department of the Municipality of Amstelveen inspect the fields on weekdays between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM. In doing so, they only consider whether the play causes damage to the field.

The rejections of Monday February 9, 2021, 7:00 am are:

  • Sportpark Sportlaan West: no rejections
  • Sportpark Sportlaan Oost: no rejections
  • Sports park RODA '23 Bovenkerk: no rejections
  • Sportpark Overburg: no rejections


  • AmstelveenSport relies completely on the expertise and years of experience of the inspectors. We are going not discussing approval or disapproval.
  • Playing a rejected field anyway is destruction and the damage is recovered from the players.
  • The field should never be swept clean in snow.
  • When thawing (thawing during the day and freezing in the evening), the fields are always rejected.
  • During heavy rainfall, air can form under the mat on some artificial turf pitches. This will go away on its own, but if the bubble forms, it should not be walked on.
  • Are there games scheduled on the competition fields in the evening? Let us know, so we can (re) inspect per field.
  • In the weekend, rejections are communicated directly to the association.


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The government has built in a “pause button” when announcing this great news. If the number of new IC and hospital admissions has not decreased further on Monday 17 May, the pause button is pressed. The reopening of our accommodations will then be postponed.

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