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The Beweegbus

The Beweegbus is full of all kinds of sports and games equipment. In this way we let everyone, from young to old, move in their own neighborhood. 

What does the Beweegbus do?

The Beweegbus enters the neighborhood and visits the residents. Think of the schoolyard, at a lawn in the neighborhood or in the vicinity of a community center or care institution. The bus also has an awning, so a cup of coffee / tea after the activity is also possible. Exercise is also a way to promote social contact!

Extra exercise moment for primary school children

AmstelveenSport wants to create an extra exercise moment for children. The aim of this is to give children an extra moment to move, in addition to regular PE lessons, which can also reduce the workload of the teachers.
The Beweegbus is used together with professional guides from AmstelveenSport. This bus contains unique and versatile materials, the different classes can come and exercise in succession, outside. The Beweegbus may offer a solution to schools with a shortage of hours within sports facilities.

Holidays at school

Within the regular school year we have a number of 'holidays', teacher / teacher day, sports day, king's day, open day, etc. How nice is it to fill in a public holiday with the Beweegbus. Together with AmstelveenSport, the school fulfills the need, chooses a theme, selects materials and receives support from AmstelveenSport professionals.

After-school sports

AmstelveenSport organizes various sports activities at the after-school care center. This is done in collaboration with the school. With the Beweegbus, various sports and games are placed where children can move for an hour. Children from group 3 to group 8 play with each other, everyone is mixed together and there is plenty to play. It always opens with a starting game and ends with an end game, so that a clear structure is visible to the participants.

TSO course

The TSO course is given from AmstelveenSport for TSO supervisors. It is explained in 3 lessons how you can guide / teach a game easily and with little material. It consists of 3 theory lessons of 1 hour followed by a practical practice moment. The idea is that TSO supervisors learn a structure that ensures a fixed moment of movement during the TSO. An open style is used, so that the students have a lot of input and can ask questions. In addition, a number of fun materials are set out in the schoolyard with the Beweegbus that the children can use during the TSO.

TSO outdoor play moment

The outdoor play moment is organized by AmstelveenSport in collaboration with TSO. Various movement components are plotted on a jointly agreed-upon field. Think of a mini sports day. The idea is that the TSO provides supervisors and that AmstelveenSport provides a professional supervisor who coordinates and sets out everything. This sports day is set out for an entire school, but also for a number of classes. This depends on the number of supervisors provided by the school.

For more information or questions please mail to e.beertsen@amstelveensport.nl

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