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The Outdoor Playbus

For all children who want to play outside!

The Outdoor Play Bus teams drive the buses through Amstelveen during the summer holidays and stay in one place for 1 week.

What can you do?

Each bus has different sports and game materials with it. Think about; street hockey, football, volleyball, tennis, skating, frisbee, space scooters, scooters/wave boards, etc. In some neighborhoods there are even extra activities, such as clinics from different associations.

Who is the Outdoor Play Bus for?

For every child who likes to play outside! Can you play independently but also together with other children and are you in primary school? Come join us!

Where and when can you find us?

Monday to Thursday from 2.30pm – 5.30pm & 7pm – 9pm
Week 1: 12 to 15 July 

– Westwijk (Augusta de Witlaan)
– Bovenkerk (Urbanus Park)
– Elsrijk (Van Heuven Goedhartlaan, field between flats Veensteyn and Geelgors)
Week 2: 09 to 12 August
– Waardhuizen/Middenhoven (Middenhoven district park)
– Groenelaan (Alps Circular Road)
– Keizer Karelpark (Dr. Plesmansingel baths)
Week 3: 19 to 22 July
– Keizer Karelpark (Dr. Plesmansingel baths)
– Groenelaan (The Horizon)
– Randwijck (Henegouwselaan playground)

Week 4: 16 to 19 August

– Westwijk (Midthought)
– Elsrijk (playing field and children's pool Lucas van Leydenweg)
– Bank race/Kestverloren (Kids Campus King)

Are you playing along? Admission is free!
Play at your own risk Small children under supervision
Participation at own risk Small kids with parental supervision 

More information

088-8585104, Iris Meertens 

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