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Do you want to move more in a simple way with a little challenge?
AmstelveenSport starts an Amstelveen hiking campaign using the free app Ommetje!

Ommetje app
This app was developed by the Brain Foundation in collaboration with professor of neuropsychology Erik Scherder. The purpose of the app is to improve physical and mental health by walking, because walking is not only good for your body but also for your brain! You can run individually but also in a team. In the app you can collect points by taking walks of at least 20 minutes. You earn medals by running regularly or every day and reading brain facts from Prof. Scherder. The routes of walks of 20-60 minutes are recorded and saved.

Join the AmstelveenSport team
Sign up for Team AmstelveenSport today with the code QR9LK and walk with us. This way we still keep in touch with each other, despite all corona measures. Everyone in Amstelveen can participate in our team. A 20-minute walk already earns points, so you certainly don't have to be a Four Days Marches operator to participate! And you can walk at your own time and at your own pace. Through our Facebook page AmstelveenSport we share scores every week, so you can see how the other team members score. You can get in touch with each other there and, for example, post your favorite round.

What should you do?
Download the free app “Ommetje walking” from the Brain Foundation in the App store or GooglePlay and register for our AmstelveenSport team with the code: QR9LK.
Click here if you need an installation guide and an explanation of the app.

More information
Would you like more information about this promotion or would you like more information about exercise in Amstelveen, please contact Iris Meertens via movecoach@amstelveensport.nl or 088-8585104


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