Monkey Moves Summer Camp

On the great grounds of the Goudsmithal we have several gyms, a sports hall and several hockey fields.

Every day we will start with a super fun dance and an introductory game with your own group.
After this we go into the field or gym to discover a sport. Think for example of football or hockey, but also of Rugby, Tennis or Judo!

After each part, there is some time to relax and eat a healthy snack. During lunch we have a joint lunch break.

During the day there is much more than just sports. For example, we always have various fun games ready.
Think for example of a large air cushion, laser tag, water festival, treasure hunts and bingo`s!


Runway 9, Amstelveen (MHC Amstelveen)

1 day ticket € 75.00
2 day ticket € 150.00
3 day ticket € 200.00 (10% discount!)
4 day ticket € 240.00 (20% discount!)
5 day ticket € 275.00 (25% discount!)

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