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5 reasons why cycling in winter is good for your health
For most cyclists, the winter period is a time when the bicycle remains in the shed. Not very surprising, because who goes cycling in the cold or in the rain. What most people do not know is that cycling in the winter is very healthy. Cycling in the cold has benefits, both physically and mentally.

Good for your mood
In winter the days are shorter and the weather colder. As a result, you often spend much more time indoors. This sitting inside is a common cause of depression. Going outside in the winter is therefore not only good physically, but also mentally. By cycling to work or school you ensure that you are not indoors all day and you start the day fresh and cheerful.

It's heavier than cycling in the summer
Because you have more headwinds in winter and it is colder, you have to do your best to cover the same distance. The advantage of this is that it is better for your condition because you have to pedal harder. In the winter you build up much more condition and muscles than in calm weather in the summer months.

Tip: a bicycle with gears is very comfortable during the winter months. Does your old bike need to be replaced? Take a look at the bicycles of the brand Popal Bee Cyclingopfietsen.nl. Very good quality for an affordable price.

The colder the better
Regular exposure to cold makes for a much better immune system. This is why many people take cold showers regularly. Athletes also use cold water and other cooling methods to recover faster from intense exercise. The fact that people get sick in the winter is usually not because of the cold, but because people spend much more time indoors. It is healthier to spend a lot of time outside on your bike, so you also get vitamin D, which is only produced by our body through exposure to (indirect) sunlight.

Perseverants are winners
By pushing yourself to cycle through the cold or a storm, you overcome a great inner obstacle. This makes you feel like a winner after cycling, after all, you have pushed yourself to brave the cold. Cycling in the winter therefore requires greater perseverance than cycling in the summer. If you cycle long distances, you often also get an adrenaline rush, which gives an extra good feeling. Most people get this kick after about 45 minutes of intense exercise.

Don't forget to lock your bike well during the cold winter months. Bicycles are often stolen because people often leave their bicycles outside in winter. Always lock your bicycle properly with one or more bicycle locks. In most cases, a frame lock is supplied as standard with a bicycle. Lock your bike 'extra' with a cable lock, chain lock or U-lock. On Locksmith shop you will find an extensive range of cable locks.

Heavier after the holidays
The winter holidays stand for fun and good food, however, this ensures that most people start the new year with more weight. Cycling is therefore ideal to quickly lose the extra kilos. Cycle a lot every day and you will lose the excess kilos in no time.

So there are more than enough reasons to take the bike in winter as well. Not only will you improve physically, you will also benefit mentally from the exercise and being outside. What are you waiting for?


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