National Sports Week and 24H Amstelveen

The National Sports Week is from Friday 17 to Sunday 26 September 2021 and coincides with 24H Amstelveen (Saturday 25 September). During the National Sports Week, everything revolves around sports for ten days. At 24H Amstelveen, the Amstelvener gets acquainted with everything Amstelveen has to offer in the field of sports and culture. Every reason to go big as a sports provider.

AmstelveenSport of course participates
We will do our utmost to get the whole of Amstelveen moving during the National Sports Week. We ask you as a sports provider to do the same. The more sports providers participate in these activities, the more residents of Amstelveen we will reach. Sports providers and associations are essential here, because that's where it happens. There people can experience how much fun it is to exercise.

What can you do?
You can participate in many ways. Maybe you want to organize an open day or an introductory activity especially for beginners. You can also organize introductory classes or boyfriend-and-girlfriends training.

Register 24H Amstelveen
You can register activities for 24H Amstelveen by emailing your activity to: . The Visit Amstelveen team collects all submissions. Try to be as complete as possible with the description of the activity, without making it too extensive. Half an A4 sheet is more than enough. These activities are known to Visit Amstelveen before 11 June. Click here for more information about 24H Amstelveen.

Sign up for National Sports Week
AmstelveenSport is making a sports calendar for the National Sports Week, which we will promote for the National Sports Week. If you want to be on the calendar with your activity, you must send it in before 1 July. Because 24H Amstelveen falls in the National Sports Week, we will of course include the sports activities of that day in the sports agenda, so register your activity for 24H Amstelveen with us.

You can register for the National Sports Week via this web form. Please note the deadline, activities submitted later cannot be included in the promotional campaign.

Together we get the whole of Amstelveen moving!


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