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About us

AmstelveenSport is an organization that is committed to ensuring that Amstelveen residents exercise healthily.

Have Amstelveen healthy sports and exercise, stimulate and facilitate sports providers, talents and (top) sports.

Sport and exercise are the means to live healthier, better and together and thus contribute to a better society.

We do this with about a hundred people from three business units:

    • The Meerkamp; swimming and recreation.
    • Sportfacility: Rental / management / catering of sports parks and halls.
    • Sports service: Advice & projects on healthy exercise, sports promotion, association support, talent development and (top) sport events.

We are concerned with:

  • managing, operating and renting out communal sports facilities, including the Meerkamp
  • to encourage young and old, able-bodied and disabled people to exercise
  • supporting sports clubs
  • guiding sports talents
  • helping to realize top sport and (top) sporting events
  • advising the municipality in the field of sports and sports policy

We stand for safe, clean and attractive.

Our management team
Director: Heleen van Ketwich Verschuur
Manager Sportfacility: Leo Beeren
Sports Service Manager: Joris van Soerland
Swimming pool manager De Meerkamp: Menno Valk
Finance Manager: Emmeline Bouwmeester
HR Manager: Frouke van Griensven
Communication advisor: Ingrid Wulving
For an appointment with one of the members of the management team, please contact 088-8585100 or  

Thanks to our supporters
Because we provide most services on the basis of a contract with the municipality, we can work well and cheaply. We also receive support from companies and organizations that support us with products and services and / or financial contributions. We are not commercial, but we do have a business approach.

Would you also like to support us?
Please contact us:  or 088 - 8585 100

Professional partners
We work together with experts in different fields. Think of trainers, coaches, GGD, physiotherapists, education, the university, and so on. As a partner and advisor to the municipality, we constantly advocate the importance of healthy exercise and sports. As a goal, and increasingly as a means to bring people together and improve their health and well-being. Everything based on our vision: Amstelveen Moves Healthy!Menno Valk

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