Saskia van der Meer family walking day

On Friday February 26, Saskia van der Meer said goodbye as a neighborhood sports coach at AmstelveenSport. At the farewell director Heleen van Ketwich Verschuur announced that an annual “Saskia van der Meer Family Walking Day” will now be organized in honor of everything that Saskia has meant for the sport in Amstelveen. This walking day will take place every year on March 21, starting in 2022. Just like Saskia, this new event will stimulate many Amstelveners to exercise more.

Saskia van der Meer has devoted herself full of energy to sports stimulation in Amstelveen for 19 years. She is known for her work on projects such as “Fietsmaatjes”, “Elke Stap Telt”, “Jump In” and “Group 6 On The Move” in which she made both young people and the elderly enthusiastic to take up exercise in various ways. AmstelveenSport will miss the unbridled efforts of Saskia, but is convinced that as a volunteer at the association or in her immediate vicinity, she will continue to get many people moving.


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