Nieuwe medewerkers januari 2022

Team AmstelveenSport strengthened

From January 1, 2022, AmstelveenSport will have two new neighborhood sports coaches and a communications officer. AmstelveenSport uses sport and exercise as a means to contribute to a healthy, social and vital society. An enthusiastic group of employees encourages all inhabitants (currently 93,000) of Amstelveen to participate in sports and exercise. Neighborhood sports coaches stimulate or organize appropriate sports and exercise programs in the area for all residents of the municipality of Amstelveen. The new neighborhood sports coaches are Kim van Dongen and Sven Kuit. Magreet Tjoelker started as a communications officer. Her task is to contribute to positioning the organization, the products and the services that AmstelveenSport provides.  

Magreet has a diverse background. She started as an economist at De Nederlandsche Bank, but has been retrained to become an Art Director and has worked for various marketing and communication agencies for the past 15 years. She also has experience in club life as a board member of gymnastics association United Amstelveen.   

Magreet Tjoelker: “I am really looking forward to working for AmstelveenSport. I see it as a challenge to address the various target groups with special, inspiring, striking creations for sports and exercise. Whether you are young or old, everyone feels better when you exercise or exercise. I think it's great to be able to contribute to that.”   

Kim van dongen: “I'm Kim, 27 years old and one of the new neighborhood sports coaches here in Amstelveen. My passion is to make children/adults/elderly move in any way. I hope to meet you a lot to participate in fun activities! I am really looking forward to it and look forward to seeing you soon.”  

Sven Kuit: “My name is Sven Kuit, I'm 28 years old and I come from the Kwakel. Since January 2022 I have been active as a neighborhood sports coach at AmstelveenSport. After working in childcare for 8 years, I found a new challenge at AmstelveenSport. I would be happy to look for challenging exercise activities with you. See you soon!"  

Director Heleen van Ketwich Verschuur of AmstelveenSport indicates that he is happy with the new neighborhood sports coaches Kim and Sven. They not only allow more residents of Amstelveen to play sports and exercise in the neighbourhood, but also connect providers of sports and, for example, welfare, healthcare, youth care, childcare and education, making them indispensable for AmstelveenSport and the municipality of Amstelveen. By bringing in an expert such as Magreet, she sees a further professionalization of AmstelveenSport's communication. A good start to 2022!  


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Nieuwe medewerkers januari 2022

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