The scheme with which children of minimum income households with an Amstelveen pass can take swimming lessons at a reduced rate will be expanded. Adults can now also make use of the scheme. Until now, the scheme only applied to children. “It is important that everyone in the municipality of Amstelveen is able to swim,” says alderman Rob Ellermeijer. Alderman Marijn van Ballegooien adds: “We want to remove financial restrictions for obtaining a swimming diploma.”

Maintain swimming ability
“Becoming able to swim is absolutely the first priority,” says Ellermeijer. “We want to further facilitate the retention of swimming skills by granting a discount on recreational swimming.”

In the coming year and a half, the municipality will carry out a pilot with the expansions. The use of the scheme is monitored and evaluated. It should become clear in 2023 whether the scheme will be continued. The scheme for swimming lessons for adults will start in September 2021. The discount scheme for recreational swimming for minimums may already start in the summer holidays.


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