Win € 2,500 for your sports association

Your sports association is of course the nicest, nicest and most successful association in Amstelveen! You are undoubtedly very proud of that. You definitely want to do something beautiful for such a great association. Isn't it great that you can win € 2,500 for your association?

Sports association of the year
The prize for the sports association of the year will be awarded during the Amstelveens Sportgala on Friday 21 January 2022. Make sure that your association becomes "sports association of the year" and win a check for € 2,500 and a large challenge cup for your association. This prize is made available by the municipality of Amstelveen.

You don't just become "Sports Association of the Year". There are of course many great sports clubs in Amstelveen. To win you must send in a motivation. In this motivation letter you write why your association really deserves this prize.

What do you put in your motivation?
Perhaps your association has so many advantages that you don't know where to start. That is why we give you a number of suggestions that you can mention in your motivation.

  • Your association makes extra effort to involve vulnerable and/or lonely young people, seniors or people with disabilities in the association. Describe these activities and explain why you think this is important as an association.
  • Your association seeks cooperation with other associations and other organizations to strengthen each other. Describe how this collaboration is structured and what it will bring you together.
  • Your association is committed to the integration and community spirit of the inhabitants of Amstelveen. Describe how you do that.
  • Your association has organized a special action during the corona period to keep people at the association and moving. Describe this action and tell us what this action means for Amstelveen and your association.
  • Your association has started a collaborative project in which school and/or the neighborhood played a central role. Describe the collaboration.
  • Your association pays special attention to top sports talents. Describe how you do that.
  • Your association is smoke-free. Indicate why you think this is important.
  • Your association focuses emphatically on energy saving and sustainability. Explain which projects you have started and what the results are.
  • Your association pays extra attention to involving Amstelveners with a minimum income. Indicate how you do that.

The jury
The jury consists of sports spokespersons from the city council and sports policy officer of the municipality of Amstelveen; Tjipke Bokma. The Jury is led by Heleen van Ketwich Verschuur, director of AmstelveenSport.

You can submit your nomination before December 9, 2021 send to Monique van Wijk, stating your name and telephone number.


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