ATILIM WingTsun KungFu

Realistic… natural… effective…. no brute force required…. easily learned…. for all ages and genders… weaponless, bare-handed…. self-defense system.

Wing Chun is a Chinese kung-fu style with a history of nearly 400 years. While translating from Chinese to Latin alphabet, different spelling versions are used to identify trademarks of individual masters and the organizations that they lead. ATILIM WingTsun® (WT) is a Wing Chun style that is taught by Sifu AKIN and his associates. ATILIM WT is characterized to be a modern approach of classical Wing Chun, while teaching similar curriculum, focuses on real life situations. ATILIM WT students learn to defend themselves from the most aggressive attackers without using excessive violence.

ATILIM WT, out of being a great martial art for realistic self defense, is a perfect fitness approach to lose calories and have a toned, dynamic, fit body. ATILIM WT is;
– Realistic and Natural,
– Easy to learn and apply,
– Suitable for any age and gender,
– No need to see after getting contact with the attacker,
– Attacker’s power can be redirected on himself while adding your own,
– Useful for more than two attackers
– No need for excessive unnecessary violence,
– Provides effective control and defense against knife, sticks and firearms in close distances,
– Covering five distances in a real life situation (kicks, punches, elbow-knee-head, grappling-throwing, fighting on the ground),
– Useful fat burner, Close friendly environment, a great family activity.
ATILIM WingTsun® obtains maximum effect or control in minimum time using minimum force.

You want to learn how???
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