Muay Thai / Kickboxing leeftijd 6 tot 10

Muay Thai is a martial art originating from Thailand. Better known as the art of eight weapons, as it uses the eight most important body parts that are: two hands, two elbows, two knees and two legs.

Our methodology was developed over decades of testing with beginning students from children and young teenagers. The methodology was developed for all levels, that is, for beginners, intermediates, amateur athletes and professional athletes. We have developed our own methodology that has led us to impressive results at all levels and ages. From the disciplinary part, it not only helped in our training but mainly in the student’s private life. Our self defense acts directly on the self-confidence part in training and continues for the rest of your life. Our methodology is based on love, rules, discipline, hierarchy, respect, technical training, physical training, resilience, competitive training, combat training, fun, games, graduation exams, commitment…

Champions Factory Academy has 7 pillars:
1- Passion / 2- Discipline / Hierarchy / Respect / 3- Self Defense / Overcoming / 4 – Fun / 5- Mindset / 6- Growth / 7- Recognition

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